Like unto George Winston

Because this blog post is was going to be titled Fall into Winter, but that sounded cheesy, so instead it’s George Winston, get it? Fall into Winter, like a George Winston album.  Which only Alison will get.  Anyway, here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

When I’m feeling really on top of my game, I like to organize playgroups with the other med school friends at fun places around the city.  The Overland Park Arboretum was one of my favorites! There are beautiful gardens to walk around, and a large miniature train display and an empty train car the kids could run around in.  Lyla and Camryn played “firepit” for over an hour and this picture was taken right after they drove off/yelled at a group of boys that wanted to play with them. No boys allowed.

None of our children are terribly photogenic or thrilled about this picture. . . I think being a med school wife is pretty much a crash course in being happy even when your kids are being unreasonable, whiny, grumpy, or crazy!IMG_3996

A fun fudge making demonstration at Chip’s Chocolate Factory at the Crown CenterIMG_4307

And then my lovely long lost friend Mandy came to visit! We lived on the same block in Provo and now she lives in Chicago and I miss her terribly.  We had 3 adults, 2 kids, and 2 babies living in our 750 sq. ft. house for three days and it was a blast.  In a wow-we-really-need-a-guest-bedroom kind of way.

I didn’t have time to clean our house, she cooked for me (some delicious chicken and waffles and watched me almost take of Tanner’s head when I realized he’d eaten almost all the chicken she’d fried and put away in the fridge for dinner! agh!!), and we ran out of toilet paper, so all in all I feel like I might be the worst hostess ever, but hopefully she enjoyed it enough to come back!  Mandy, maybe next time we should put ourselves up in a hotel and leave our kids with our husbands, yes?? 😉

Seriously though it was so fun, nice to have company, and someone to chat chat chat with all day long.



Camryn had her first pony ride and Drew had his first rack of Oklahoma Joe’s ribs


One of those fall festival/pumpkin patch/petting zoo places that I can’t even remember the name of right now because there are so many of them here

The Kansas City Royals won the world series! It was really exciting and fun to be here. And watch it on our tiny computer screen since we are poor cable-less med students.   IMG_4735

They won in New York, but a few days later when they were back in Kansas City there was a huge parade downtown where 800,000 people came to celebrate.  Pretty cool.  I tried to go with the kids and some of my friends, but the shuttle we were planning on taking had a 2 hour wait so we opted to watch it on t.v. at someone’s house and repeatedly express our gratitude that we weren’t navigating this crowd with strollers and multiple children on our own. Go Royals!



And a lovely visit from Grammy (Tanner’s mom).  Having Jana visit is like having a full time personal assistant. She cleaned, cooked, babysat, took this kids shopping, helped get my Christmas market display ready, and organized my pantry to boot. This picture cracks me up because this is exactly the opposite of the type of grandma she is, but it’s the only picture I got, and Drew is cute 🙂

We spent Thanksgiving with a bunch of really great med school families


hit up Union Station

IMG_1807and a $3 showing of Elf.  Drew was the best baby ever during this movie.  He chilled in Tanner’s lap and would clap and cheer and giggle when it got exciting. IMG_5227IMG_1825IMG_1810

And then we took lots and lots of family naps and watched a lot of t.v. because I’m getting a lot less ambitious about making our family time “quality and fun”and starting to place a lot more emphasis on . . . naps. Making sure we get enough relaxing, and sitting around, and naps in.  And now it’s winter, the end!


2 thoughts on “Like unto George Winston

  1. Ok, so this post totally has me missing Kansas City. There are so many fun things to do there for kids! Camryn is already looking so much older (and so gorgeous, you are going to have to watch out for that one)! And one more thing, I think it should be illegal to post photographs of Oklahoma Joes where people who can’t go there can see them. So rude.


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